Pasture fed livestock is healthier, less stressed, and more beneficial to our environment. When grazing animals are raised on their natural diet of grass instead of grain, their products are lower in bad fat and calories but higher in potentially life saving good fats, says Jo Robinson, co-author of the Omega Diet.

Berryfields Farm offers pasture raised livestock including beef, chevon, chicken, turkey, and pork. We strive to produce quality animals while promoting a diet as close to natural as possible. We give no hormones, antibiotics, or growth promoters to any meat producing animals.

Berry fields farm pasture fed beefBulk, totally grass fed, beef is available September through November. Call for orders. Processing will be at a USDA inspected facility of our choice, or, if preferred, transportation to a facility of your choice may be arranged.  Beef is sold by the quarter, half, whole, or cuts as specified by the purchaser. Cuts will be wrapped and frozen. All meat is priced by hanging weight. Call for current pricing.

Berry fields farm boer goatBulk, pastured goat meat is available by order. Processing is similar to beef (see above)



Pastured chickens are available July through October. Suggest orders must be placed by May first. Call for availability if no order has been placed. Processing of chickens will be on the last Saturday of each month at our farm. Chickens must be picked up at the farm within 24 hours of processing. Pricing will be determined at time of order. All chicken meat is sold fresh. Organic Eggs are also available year round.

We will have heritage Red Bourbon and Full breasted white turkeys available for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2008. Place your order early, as quantities are limited.

Berry fields farm pastured porkWe also offer pastured pork products from Tamworth pigs. The Tamworth is a heritage breed that will graze and produces a delicious healthy meat. Pork is available by the whole or half from September to October. The meat is processed by a processing plant of your choice. Processing includes smoked products as well as sausages by your order.

In addition to the bulk meat products listed above, we now have all of our meat products available by the cut year round in our farm store. Each cut is Cryovaced in a clear material so you can view each piece before purchase. We also process homemade chicken, turkey, and pork sausages.